3 products that improve your productivity while working from home

Home office is an increasingly common situation in companies. Whether it’s for convenience, flexibility, necessity or emergencies, working from home has been a great way to stay productive without having to go to the office.

But how do you stay productive at home? Below we have put together some products list to help you stay focused and motivated in a home office. These are the three essential products to improve productivity while working from home.

  1. An ergonomic chair

Having the right chair can dramatically improve your productivity just by giving you the correct posture. Ergonomic chairs provide the perfect upright sitting position and provide excellent posture as you work to keep you more focused on the task at hand.

The ergonomic office chair ensures long-term health. Good posture while sitting will regulate blood flow around the body. An incorrect posture causes that the blood does not circulate properly through the body and as a consequence you feel lethargic and tired, on the other hand, being seated in the correct chair avoids this sensation and you will be active and ready to work. One of the biggest complaints in the work environment is back pain, which is commonly related to poor posture. Therefore, an ergonomic chair not only makes you more productive, but also prevents annoying back pain.

  1. A planner

It is a serious mistake to always live crazyly. That leads a person to start tasks and not finish them, mark plans or objectives to not fulfill them or to forget messages or appointments in the face of so many daily tasks. In these cases, a planner serves to list and prioritize purposes. 

For people who have work stress due to having a high degree of responsibility and an endless number of tasks, a planner allows a rational and efficient organization of time. Agendas also allow the collection of data and information with which the brain does not need to be saturated, such as addresses, telephone numbers, meeting or interview times, events, etc. Having a physical or digital space for it will be highly effective. Also, ​Planning and motivation experts insist on the importance of maintaining a balance when organizing a person’s daily or weekly tasks. Personal, family and social life that offer moments of relaxation and disconnection (necessary to enhance motivation and increase daily work effectiveness and productivity) should not be neglected.

  1. Plants

Plants are not only beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, but they also convert the gases you release throughout the day into oxygen so you can breathe easily. They help keep your environment fresher and healthier. However, this does not mean that you have to keep plants inside the office, but if you work near a garden or even just leaving the window open is a simple and effective method.

The presence of plants increases work participation, making you more physically, cognitively and emotionally involved in your work. This happens because plants can reduce stress, increase attention span and improve general well-being, ultimately resulting in improved productivity.

Studies have shown that having the right things in the workplace can be an important factor in increasing the productivity of your workforce by offering the right kind of support while we work. Make sure you have the right tools and space and enjoy your home office and productive days.

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